Water and Additive Testing

Water is the most important ingredient for your plants and PhytaTechSM provides water testing for pH, total nitrates and elemental composition to help optimize your results.
Water analysis provides a critical early warning for your purification systems and leach water testing helps optimize your use of fertilizers.

Water Analysis Provides a Critical Early Warning for Your Purification Systems.

Optimize your cannabis growth and production
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We can also help you with the additives that are such important and expensive inputs into your grow. PhytaTechSM helps you monitor supply, fertilizer and leach water for pH stability, nutrient toxicities and deficiencies. Testing fertilizers and other nutrients provides vital information. Whether you mix your own “teas” or purchase fertilizer off the shelf, knowing your precise ingredients and fertilization-yield balance is critical to maximizing results.


Water is the dynamic matrix of your growing cycle and the vital source of plant nutrients.

The PhytaTechSM water and additive testing provides vital information to help you optimize your grow, contact us to learn more.

PhytaTechSM is certified by the CO MED & CDPHE for Potency Testing, Residual Solvent Testing and Microbial Contamination Testing.