Welcome to PhytaTechSM CO LLC, a full-service analytical testing facility providing services to licensed members of the State of Colorado’s Cannabis industry. From potency analysis to residual solvent and contamination testing, PhytaTechSM can fulfill all your testing needs.

We are pleased to introduce you to our great service team and full suite of products and services – developed for our valued clients. We are excited about the PhytaTechSM Client Portal, which is the end result of our new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LIMS has been designed to enable PhytaTechSM to set the industry standard in turnaround time and convenience.

Please contact us for more information about any of our laboratory tests, to schedule a laboratory tour and meet our staff, or just to get your Cannabis and testing questions answered. Our helpful, friendly staff are experts in the Cannabis industry and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

Stephen Goldman PhytaTech Lab Director

Stephen Goldman

Laboratory Director

Rob Howland PhytaTech Sales Director

Robert Howland

Sales Director

Stephen Goldman PhytaTech

Stephen Goldman

Laboratory Director

Rob Howland PhytaTech

Robert Howland

Sales Director

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standard 48-hour turnaround time


The PhytaTechSM goal is a standard 48-hour turnaround time with every test ordered. We help growers and dispensaries quickly interpret testing results. We strive to set the industry standard in turnaround time and convenience in a secure manner via our secure online client portal. Learn More ››

believe in the science of medical Cannabis


Each member of the PhytaTechSM team is trained in the science of medical Cannabis and therefore is dedicated to providing knowledgeable, consistent and insightful service. We work with clients to troubleshoot any failed test. Learn More ››

rigorous testing and broad expertise


PhytaTechSM provides metrics and solutions based on comprehensive, rigorous testing and broad expertise in the field. We have designed our lab to quickly and easily communicate and deliver your testing results. Learn More ››

PhytaTech phytochemical and elemental analysis


Working in a lab that’s purpose-built for phytochemical and elemental analysis, PhytaTechSM sets the highest scientific and analytical standards while putting botanical science to work for you. We can fulfill all of our client’s testing requirements and ensure compliance in the State of Colorado. Learn More ››