Colorado Cannabis Testing

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Cannabis Testing Updates

There is a lot changing in Cannabis testing in 2018 and PhytaTech is here to support your testing needs.


Here is a direct link to the MED Adopted rules for both Retail and Medical Marijuana.


Of note, significant changes to the Residual Solvent Contamination test include new solvents and new regulatory limits, mycotoxin testing language is included, pesticide testing of flowers/trim is mentioned, and Residual Solvent Contamination testing and Microbial contamination testing of medical marijuana products will soon be enacted. The MED will send industry bulletins when Mycotoxins, Pesticides and Medical Marijuana Microbial testing will become mandatory.  Medical RSA mandate begins 01.01.2018.


New Residual Solvent Limits Are (Effective 01.01.2018):


Acetone < 1,000 ppm

Butanes (n-butane and iso-butane) < 1,000 ppm

Ethanol < 1,000 ppm (For inhaled products only)

Heptanes < 1,000 ppm

Isopropyl Alcohol < 1,000 ppm

Propane < 1,000 ppm

Benzene < 2 ppm

Toluene < 180 ppm

Pentane < 1,000 ppm

Hexane < 60 ppm

Total Xylenes (m, p, o-xylenes) < 430 ppm


New Pesticide limits are (not effective until MED industry bulletin published):


Abamectin (Avermectins: B1a & B1b) < 70 ppb

Azoxystrobin < 20 ppb

Bifenzate < 20 ppb

Etoxazole < 10 ppb

Imazalil < 40 ppb

Imidacloprid < 20 ppb

Malathion < 50 ppb

Myclobutanil < 40 ppb

Permethrin (isomeric mix) < 40 ppb

Spinosad (Mixture of A & D) < 60 ppb

Spiromesifen < 30 ppb

Spirotetramat < 20 ppb

Tebuconazole < 10 ppb


New mycotoxin limits are (not effective until MED industry bulletin published):

Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, and G2) < 20 ppb (Sum of all)

Ochratoxin A < 20 ppb


Remember test batches are to be 4 to 14.5 grams based on the size of your batch and you will need to submit these in one container, already homogenized. There is also rolling testing required after you receive process validation so make sure to submit samples to stay compliant!

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