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Accreditation to ISO/IES 17025 Standards Through A2LA

PhytaTech is ISO-17025 Certified!


PhytaTech is proud to announce its accreditation to ISO/IES 17025 standards through A2LA (the American Association Laboratories Accreditation). PhytaTech’s scope of work under the ISO-17025 accreditation allows us to perform the following types of tests on cannabis (marijuana) flower, concentrate, topical, and edible products from state licensed medical, recreational, and hemp customers:



Cannabinoid Potency Analysis

Residual Solvent Contamination



E.Coli – qPCR

Salmonella – qPCR

Total Yeast and Molds – Plating     


PhytaTech is one of only eight ISO-17025 accredited laboratories in the United States of America and one of the few in Colorado to include full Potency, RSA and Microbial Contamination testing on it’s scope of work. The ISO standard requires quality management systems, technical systems, and procedures to ensure quality data is delivered to our clients every time. You’ve always noted PhytaTech’s consistent, quick results and now you have the internationally recognized ISO-17025 quality standard behind your data.


We’re proud of our accomplishments and you should be too.


Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!

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